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General Eye Care

25Frequency of Eye Examinations

Excellent eyesight is important to each and every individual. Each year, many people experience a decrease in vision due to progressive diseases or conditions of the eye. Often, there are no symptoms indicating something is wrong, as with glaucoma. Therefore, to insure the health of your eyes, a thorough examination by a skilled eye doctor is essential to safeguard your sight When no diseases or conditions of the eye are present, persons under forty should usually have an eye examination every two years. Individuals over forty face an increased incidence of several conditions that can jeopardize sight; therefore, an eye examination every year is strongly recommended.

The Comprehensive Eye Examination

A comprehensive examination that assesses the health and function of your eyes is a wise investment toward protecting your eye sight. Assessment of the eyes includes detailed medical as well as ocular history taking, thorough refraction (proper correction of lenses for glasses), an obligatory intraocular pressure check, and examination of anterior as well as posterior structures of the eye. In order to view the posterior segment of the eye, special eye drops are necessary for dilation. While an individuals’ eyes are artificially dilated, close work or reading may be difficult as well as sensitivity to the sunlight. The effects of the dilating drops usually begin to subside after a few hours; however, it is wise to bring a pair of sunglasses to diminish the sunlight sensitivity following papillary dilation.

Following a complete examination, recommendations are offered to protect your eyes and improve your eyesight; i.e. prescription for corrective lenses , prescription of specialized eye drops and medication, proposal of surgical intervention.

Non-dilated Eye Exam

As a convenience for those individuals who must return to work after the examination or cannot wait for the effects of the dilation drops to abate, non-dilated eye examinations are available. If there are indications for a thorough assessment of the interior of the eye, the doctor will schedule a dilated examination at a later date and time.

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